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Speed dating

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Speed dating

Postby ellev333 » 24 Mar 2011, 09:45

For anyone who's single can speak Mandarin and want to find their 'better halves' ... there's an event april 3rd...

I've only seen these on TV, but apparently they work!

Good luck :thumbsup:
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Re: Speed dating

Postby jtansanco » 24 Mar 2011, 13:15

If only they can speak English.. I "could" join in. LOL

Here's the google translated version:

Time: 4 / 3 (Sun) 2:00 pm ~ 5:30 pm.

Location: Taipei, Taiwan Yong Sui Street, Simon MRT station exit 5 (the direction to the Zhongshan Hall.)

Participate Age: 58 to 76 boys and limit-wen, 77 Ching-wen girls 60 limit. If the expected number of applicants exceeds the screening, who will be asked to complete the payment priority order.

Eligibility: Welcome to a principal of the college elite unmarried men and women of all walks of life and professionals.

Activities: a variety of self-food (corn soup, egg yolk taro cakes, Western fried rice, cheese, tea, frozen, fried chicken, onion rings and corn bread, etc.), and unlimited supply of drinks (choice of three kinds of tea,

Coffee, tea and other cold and hot drinks are), allowing you to drink and chat, chat through the round tables to meet new friends, and Match day couples will be selected exquisite gifts presented to allow you to spend in this one
Oh, sweet coffee break!

Fees: includes a variety of self-service fine dining refreshments, Communications fees, gifts, Chang Zufei, photocopying and other incidental expenses .......

Cost: 790 yuan boys and girls 690.
Registration: Please fill out the form

Preferential treatment during the sessions: 3 / 25 before the completion of registration and payment are 690 boys; girls 590
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
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Re: Speed dating

Postby cranky laowai » 24 Mar 2011, 13:28

jtansanco wrote:Here's the google translated version....

Simon MRT station

Ximen MRT station

Participate Age: 58 to 76 boys and limit-wen, 77 Ching-wen girls 60 limit.

Men: ages 24-42. Women: ages 23-40.
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cranky laowai
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National Security Advisor (guójiā ānquán gùwèn)
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Re: Speed dating

Postby NonTocareLeTete » 05 Jul 2012, 12:17

Ha! Those age limits are so f'ed up! Why aren't they the same for men and women?
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