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Socializing doggie

Socializing doggie

Postby Icon » 09 Mar 2012, 15:12

I share my life with two dogs, both Maltese, one very old, one still a puppy -two years old. Toto, the older one, is the neighborhood's darling. Everyone reacts to him like Aww, how cute, and he allows himself to be petted by strangers and licks children's hands. Other dogs he's a bit fearful, as he's unable to see them, hear them and I think even smell them until they bump into him. So, he's human friendly but dog wary.

Bobby, the younger one, OTOH, is a mess. He's very energetic and healthy, but reacts to people who look at him with fierce barking and lounges at anyone who gets too close, in spite corrections. He reacts to other dogs even worse: his whole body tenses up, and he goes into attack frenzy, no matter how unthreatening or big/small the other dog is.

Furthermore, he's also terrified of long walks, which is a great pity. Toto and I used to go everywhere, no problem, walking or riding buses, cars, taxis, metro, no problem. Night market, no problem. Bobby panics. Going to the riverside park with him is out of the question. Toto still loves going there. Also, Toto and I used to run errands all the time. I went on an errand to Jinmei and Bobby had a panic attack, I had to take his clothes off and get off the bus to buy him more water. If we go to the traditional market, Bobby will snap and grab the closest jacket/bag/arm. Heck, the other day, a neighbor was testing him and overextended his foot. Thank goodness he was wearing boots because the little dog grabbed it and held on as a little old lady on a scooter. Wouldn't let go.

Vet says that's his temperament, and that it won't mellow with age. I'm thinking he will have a heart attack soon -or I will- and that he can't be happy this way. Any ideas?
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