Little grey "worms"????

Little grey "worms"????

Postby Confuzius » 07 Apr 2012, 10:43

OK, I do not have pictures, but here is how to describe them.

At first, I didn't even think they were bugs, but sorta 'spots' on the wall (as they do not move...or at least I have never seen them do so).

They are about half an inch long (maybe, maybe a bit shorter) and they just seem to attach themselves to the walls here and hang there (why I didn't think they were bugs) but they have recently been multiplying...just took 4 offa the walls in my bedroom. Took a closer look at them too...and its almost like they have like little legs sticking outta their bottom (some sorta tiny little thread like things)

Not sure if they are some sort of worm, but they are kinda dark gray speckled. Anyone know wtf these things are?
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AW: Little grey "worms"????

Postby engerim » 07 Apr 2012, 11:26

clothing moth I'd say (should be 10 or more eggs/larvae per wall)
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Re: Little grey "worms"????

Postby rosarot » 07 Apr 2012, 12:28

Make sure to read Hanif Kureishi's "The Flies". Then do as engerim told you.
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