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Your Pets with Santa (Sunday 12.7 1-5pm)

Your Pets with Santa (Sunday 12.7 1-5pm)

Postby marcus a » 01 Dec 2014, 10:52


A CHRISTMAS FUNDRAISER for 台灣動物協會 Animals Taiwan

+Get Your Dog’s Photo with SANTA CLAUS
活動辦法 讓愛犬和聖誕老人合照
+Sunday December 7 (1pm-5pm)
活動時間 12月7日(星期天) 下午1~5點
+Vinyl Decision
活動地點Vinyl Decision黑膠唱片行
Near the corner of Keelung (Jilong) and Hoping
No. 6, Lane 38, Chongde St, Xinyi District Taipei City, 110

Minimum NT$500 donation gets a print sent to you by Christmas

Professional photographer Duncan Longden will have a photo booth set up at Vinyl Decision on Sunday December 7. Bring your dogs (or cats) make a minimum donation of NT$500 and get a photo of you and your pet with Santa (or just your pet and Santa) Multiple pets allowed!Within one week, photos will be edited and sent to the addresses provided on the forms as an early Christmas present. All of the money raised will go to Animals Taiwan.
由專業攝影師Duncan Longden掌鏡,12月7日(星期天)也會在Vinyl Decision活動現場設置照相亭。請帶著您的狗狗和貓咪一起來參加,捐款新台幣500元以上,就可以獲得一張您和寵物與聖誕老人的相片(或者寵物和聖誕老人的相片),也能一次有多隻寵物一起入鏡喔! 相片會於一週後修好並且郵寄回給您,當作您聖誕節的禮物。所有募得的款項會全數捐給台灣動物協會。

+Please make sure your animal has used the bathroom before entering Vinyl Decision or be ready to clean up their mess.
請記得讓毛孩子進入Vinyl Decision前先上完廁所,避免造成環境的髒亂喔!

Vinyl music and some Christmas tunes will be provided all day long by DJ Marcus Aurelius - 馬克思.

Get there early as we are expecting a lot of people to want their animals’ picture taken with Santa.

Drinks and vinyl records will be sold at Vinyl Decision and a percentage of the profits that day will go to Animals Taiwan
Vinyl Decision的活動現場還會有飲品和黑膠唱片的販售活動,義賣的金額部分也會捐給台灣動物協會唷!
marcus a
Chair-throwing Legislator (rēng yǐzi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
Chair-throwing Legislator (rēng yǐzi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
Posts: 378
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