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Songbird Box-Trapping

Songbird Box-Trapping

Postby Ducked » 13 Mar 2015, 17:59

Twice this week, on my wee forays beyond the campus perimeter, I've released songbirds from a box trap (perforated metal brick-sized thing with a spring-loaded door).

I'd previously assumed these things were rat-traps, and I thought the first trapping might have been accidental, but the trap was set in the open between the road and a fruit-tree plantation (I think mangoes, but not sure), baited with a fig, and I doubt you'd target rats that way.

Only saw the one but I didn't look among the trees. Might do that tomorrow.

I suppose this is illegal but if its in nominal defence of crops maybe not, in which case maybe interfering is illegal. I think I was spotted by Farmer Huang on the second release, so I'll have to be a bit more tactical.

I've seen the mist-nets before, (once in a Tainan City park in sight of a police station) but havn't seen box-traps used this way before.
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