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Mini Daschund Locked Inside All Day

Mini Daschund Locked Inside All Day

Postby dondada » 27 Mar 2015, 11:35

Basically I just want to get some thoughts about the way my girlfriend and her family treat her dog. She is a four year old mini daschund and seems to have quite a lively personality.

The first 1-1.5 years she lived with her owner (my girlfriend) when she was in college and in her apartment where all seemed to be going well. Now for the last 2 or more years she has lived with my girlfriends parents in their house and the dog has gained a lot of weight and her personality has some problems. She often barks uncontrollably, usually at children and other dogs on the street. She is scared to meet other dogs in the park and basically tries to bite any children or people trying to pet her (which happens often as she is super cute.) She is also overprotective of her owners so when we’re out and any stranger talks to us she will immediately growl and bark.

I’m no dog expert but the thing that annoys me is that during the week her parents take care of the dog but never seem to let it go outside. My girlfriend claims her mum is OCD about the house being clean so doesn’t allow the dog to go for walks, only in the weekends and if she is washed immediately after. The dog is trained to pee/poo in her crate and there is no garden around.

As the house is quite far out of the city where I live, I try to take the dog out as often as I can, to the country, walk in the park etc… But I just feel so sad knowing that the dog spends 6 days a week locked inside, and occasionally let out for scooter ride to get some fresh air. I met some other dog owners and it seemed they too didn’t let their dogs out as often I would imagine. Is this normal practice in Taiwan?

On a side note another annoying thing is that since the dog is only trained to use the plate in her crate to pee/poo when we go out for a day trip after a couple of hours, she will visibly become annoyed and barking indicating she wants to go. We’ve tried training her to pee outside by using her pee scent but nothing seems to work. After she’s home and done her business she is ready to go out again haha.

Anyone can offer any advice what to do? Above all I just feel sorry for the poor dog, but unfortunately there is no way she can move in with me :(
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Re: Mini Daschund Locked Inside All Day

Postby hansioux » 27 Mar 2015, 13:53

The poor dog needs to go outside and get some exercise. If her parents can't take care of the dog, then your girlfriend should definitely do something about it herself. If the mom is truly OCD, she can easily clean the dog's paws after every walk. There's no point washing the entire dog every time they go out. Dogs coats are naturally designed to have a coating to prevent it from getting dirty, washing it too often will wash away that coating of oil and leave the coat even more prone to being dirty.

It sounds like the parents are more suited to own an indoor cat than a dog of any kind.
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Re: Mini Daschund Locked Inside All Day

Postby antarcticbeech » 27 Mar 2015, 17:38

I just got back home from taking a similarly confined miniature poodle out for a run in the hills. He spends 7 days a week tied up in a factory unless I take him out. He too has a few behavioral issues, which is why he was banished to the factory in the first place.

In my case, and I strongly suspect in your's too, there isn't anything really wrong with the dog. Its just my girlfriend's family don't understand dogs and they've basically taught the dog that it is the boss. Having a naturally nervous person as the 'owner' is just a recipe for trouble. So it jumps on people, climbs on everything, scratches at doors and barks 'uncontrollably' when left alone. And it is hyperactive, even though it's 10 years old. The first time I took it for a run it would dash everywhere and strain at the leash trying to sniff tires and poles and pee on everything, including my feet when we stopped at traffic lights. Now I've taken it out quite a few times its behaviour for me is much better but I don't live with it and consequently don't spend enough hours with it to sort out its major problem, which is that the poor thing almost never ever chills out.

They never gave it regular exercise.

Actually, in the factory it only had a concrete floor to lie on, nothing else, so we bought it a bed and put some old rags in it so now it at least has somewhere softer and warmer to lie. I'm kind of in the same situation as you - I don't know what else to do either, apart from take it out. My rental contract forbids dogs. There is no chance of the family changing.
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Second Landlord (èr fáng dōng)
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Re: Mini Daschund Locked Inside All Day

Postby bigduke6 » 29 Mar 2015, 22:50

With the amount of strays living in my house, they lucky if the get a short walk twice a week.
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