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Experienced vet for chihuahuas?

Experienced vet for chihuahuas?

Postby Black Beauty » 01 Jun 2015, 07:42

Hi there, I would be grateful for any advice... I have a chihuahua who has several problems, the previous vet I took him to in Taichung said it was just due to old age, but since looking things up on the internet I realise a lot of the problems he has, such as deafness, limping, skin disease and other various issues can all be addressed, even fully alleviated. I am quite disappointed that the vet, who is supposedly reputable, didn't have any of this knowledge and a lot of the problems which could have been taken care of at the time ended up not being taken care of... Anyway, I feel very sorry for my pet and would be grateful for any vet recommendations (preferably in Taichung) who you know are experienced and/or specialists in knowing how to diagnose and help chihuahuas... Thanks so much!
Black Beauty
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