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Importing Pets into Taiwan (Paperwork, Quarantine, etc.)

Importing pets to Taiwan

Postby panda » 14 Mar 2002, 08:25

Dont know too much about the process but one thing you'll be happy to know is that vet care here in Taiwan is unbelievably cheap, about 1/5 of what you pay in the USA.

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High School Triad Member (gāozhōng liúmáng)
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Importing Pets into Taiwan (Paperwork, Quarantine, etc.)

Postby goinabroad- » 14 Mar 2002, 16:16

Hi! We will be moving to Taiwan shortly, and we're having a very difficult time finding out exactly what the deal is with bringing cats into the country. We understand that there is a 21 day quarantine period for pets coming in from non-rabies-free countries, such as ours (the US). Fine, we can deal with that. We realize this will cost money. From what we can gather it will be about $250 per pet (did we mention there are two?). We know they need rabies shots (done) and health certificates (no problem). But now we're hearing something about about having to apply to bring your cat in 3 weeks ahead of time? And that they need a health certificate for the application. But doesn't the health certificate have to be done no more than 10 days before departure? The airline wants one within 10 days or they won't let them fly. Are they asking for two separate health certificates? ACK!!!!! Additionally, our friendly vet who has been telling us a health certificate for each kitty would be free is now saying it only applies to a domestic health certificate. We need international health certificates which he's very happy to charge us and arm and a leg for (per cat, of course).

Oh, also, the application seems to be asking for a "Taiwan contact person". We don't have a Taiwan contact person, as we are kinda going there to find an English job. After reading all the horror stories, we don't want to try to get a job over the internet, and then find out that the company is demon-spawn.

Any ideas?

If anyone out there has done this before, your words of wisdom (and hopefully moral support!) would be greatly appreciated! We're in the last weeks before leaving and is starting to go wrong now and we're pretty stressed out.



Need Help! Coming to Taiwan with Kitties!

Postby Stan Smith » 09 Apr 2002, 14:55

I have to agree with Panda and Juba. It's not a good idea to bring pets over --- UNLESS you plan on living the rest of your life (or theirs) here.

You left out a small little detail --- it's a 21 day MIN. stay. I have a Vet friend who works at one of the quarantine sites and knows many pets who have had to stay 3 to 6 months. And if your pet didn't have any disease prior to getting here, they sure will have after being LOCKED up for 21+ days. After coming out, they will have flees, ticks, worms. They are CAGED for the entire duration. And the cages are VERY small.

It's a horrible trauma for any pet --- just to do it all over again when you go back.
Stan Smith

Need Help! Coming to Taiwan with Kitties!

Postby gigitai01 » 09 Apr 2002, 19:58

I've heard that if you bring an animal through Japan, you can get around the lengthy quarantine. (Japan is on Taiwan's list of rabies-free countries). Unfortunately, I don't have details.
Help, anyone?
Also, if do a search on this site under quarantine, pet, cat, dog, etc. you can read past info on this subject.

Need Help! Coming to Taiwan with Kitties!

Postby ironlady » 09 Apr 2002, 21:05

I've been e-mailing with the quarantine folks and this is what they sent:



Basically it's 21 days (they haven't mentioned any fee yet but I'm sure it's coming!), 4 full-body photos of the pet, and you can even apply by e-mail if you want to. Just e-mail this guy and he'll send you all the forms and info in Chinese and English. Slots in Taipei apparently fill up fast, though.

From what I've heard, I think I'll be leaving my originally-Taiwanese cat with my parents, though...

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Need Help! Coming to Taiwan with Kitties!

Postby lichucheng » 10 Apr 2002, 02:41

I called the quarentine place in Kaoshiung (Gaoxiong) and they say that pets going through Kaoshiung (Gaoxiong) will get their own room instead of in cages. If going through Taipei, however, they might live in cages. I don't know how big the rooms in Kaoshiung (Gaoxiong) are. The rent is a little over NT $200 per day per cat.

Phone number for Kaoshiung (Gaoxiong) place is 011-886-7-805-7790.

Fax number is 011-886-7-806-8427.

E-mail is

They accept digital photos of the cats via e-mail and also the health certificates via fax. You only need one health certificate within 10 days of departure. The proof of rabies shot is required for the quarantine application, and it's different from the health certificate.

-Li Chu

Need Help! Coming to Taiwan with Kitties!

Postby goinabroad » 10 Apr 2002, 09:18

Wow! I didn't log in for a couple days and missed all the replies!

It seems we have everything in line as much as we can now. We have our licenses from Taiwan to bring in the cats. Unfortunately, we are coming through Taipei. If I had heard about the Kaohsiung thing earlier I might have changed our plans. But hopefully all will go as well as it can go! Their vaccinations are in order, the paperwork is complete, and the licenses granted. We're not exactly sure how it works though. I guess we're supposed to clear customs in Taipei with the cats, and then somehow they will go to quarantine, but we're not quite sure how that will happen. We have requested that they go to Taichung, but I'm not sure that will happen either.

We're leaving on the 16th, arriving Taipei the night of the 17th, and then, if all goes well, heading down to Taichung on the 18th. It's going to be a rocky road, I'm sure, but I'm also confident all will be well in the end. We are planning on going to see them every day, for their sake, as well as ours. I suspect the risk of their quarantine being extended is lower if the owners show their dedication to the kitties.

We are planning on being in Taiwan for 2 years, if not longer. I know the quarantine part is horrible on the way in to Taiwan, but if worse comes to worst, going home is easy.

I'll let you all know how it goes once it's over!


New member and Pet question.

Postby bamboogirl » 18 Jun 2003, 06:54

Hello, to everyone!
I am new to the forum but have enjoyed reading many of the posts. :wink:
I was curious if some of you (I know have pets) could advise me on bringing my two cats with me to Taiwan.

We are moving to Taiwan in October most likely and I would very much appreciate any advise on quarantine, shots, paper work and the like.
Please let me know.
Thanks again!

Postby maoman » 18 Jun 2003, 07:51

If you're from a country other than New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, Japan or Iceland, (all rabies-free locations) there is a mandatory three week quarantine.
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Postby fredericka bimmel » 18 Jun 2003, 08:19

And if you're coming from one of those countries, you won't be able to take them back in straight away without a six month quarantine.
fredericka bimmel

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