Family book exchange program at Parents' Place (Neihu)

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Family book exchange program at Parents' Place (Neihu)

Postby asiababy » 11 Apr 2012, 08:44

Some of you might know Angie Chang from Taipei City Playgroup or through her doula work. Last year, she opened a community space, Parentsplace, in Neihu, with the aim of providing somewhere for English-speaking families to get together, share resources, and experience, with the aim of helping our children together as they grow.

Anyway, "we" (some of the families actively using the space) have started a book exchange program there. Everyone is welcome to bring along books they no longer read to their kids, and to exchange them for some "new" ones. There's no real rule to how many books you bring and take, we just hope kids can get to read lots of different books without parents having to always buy them. There is also a little play space for children, so you can take your time looking through the books. You can pick up free copies of Centered in Taipei at the same time.

#315 2F ChengGong Road, Section 4, Neihu, Taipei (between Neihu and Da Hu MRT stations, above a Mentor Hairdressers.)
Someone is there most mornings but it's best to call first especially if you are going to carry books.
Tel: 0970669040
Facebook: Parents' Place

**Here are some of the other things going on at Parents' place. I'll list them here instead of posting in a different post. Mods feel free to split/move as appropriate!
    Birth classes
    Breastfeeding support group
    Ongoing kids' workshops, such as magic, photography (May), crafting, self-defence (May)
    Exercise class
    New Parents Social Events
    Literacy class
Family-friendly events and destinations Taiwan-wide.
Looking for like-minded parents, a friendly space to take your kids, and classes for English-speaking children?
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