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Tianmu Tigers Soccer School for Boys/Girls 3-5 Y/O

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Tianmu Tigers Soccer School for Boys/Girls 3-5 Y/O

Postby 914 » 28 May 2012, 15:19

As of summer 2013, classes have ended.


Our Tianmu playgroups has started its own soccer school with a coach who is a dad in the group. Cost is $250 per session and you should probably bring your own soccer ball. Sessions are usually held on tuesdays from 3.30-4.30, and 4.45-5.45. Saturday sessions are 10-11am, with an extra session added at 11.15-12.15 if there is an overflow.

Eight children maximum per session. Classes are held in english at Tianmu sports park on zhongcheng lu section 2 in the grassy area. It is a fantastic park in between takashimaya and skm, so there's no shortage of food if you make the trek up here! Though its part of the Tianmu playgroups, any child from anywhere in the city is welcome to join us.

More information can be found on the facebook page including session cancellations, etc. pm me so i can add youto the Tianmu tigers soccer school page.

See u there! :rainbow:
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