How much is it to send a kid to school in Taiwan?

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How much is it to send a kid to school in Taiwan?

Postby Milkybar_Kid » 28 May 2012, 21:58

I mean the fees which are payable to the school including tuition fees and lunchtime fees.

I have heard a figure of 12,000NT per semester for one kid at a gov junior high school.

Is this right? I know that the schools aren't free but I didn't imagine they would be that expensive.

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Re: How much is it to send a kid to school in Taiwan?

Postby asiababy » 28 May 2012, 22:51

Public elementary school is "free". Admin fees of about $1200 are payable per semester, but you can apply for a grant if you are a low-income family. You have to pay for the lunch, in our case $400/month for a lunch cooked on campus.

Public kindergarten is free for kids over five but again you pay for the food and some materials fees, which was about $4,000 for 4 1/2 months this time round for us (2 snacks and 1 meal per day, care from 7:40 am till 3:30pm or so).

I wrote a couple of articles about our experiences so far on my blog if you are interested:
Family-friendly events and destinations Taiwan-wide.
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