Daycare/pre-school in Songshan area

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Daycare/pre-school in Songshan area

Postby Harold » 14 Oct 2006, 13:13

Harold's wife posting:
I work around Minsheng and Fuxing and we are going to move downtown (or at least closer to my office around New Year) so I am looking for a daycare for my daughter who will then be 19-20 months old (right now she has a Taiwanese babysitter who speaks Chinese to her).
We are moving mainly because I am tired of commuting (from Yangming Shan) and wasting so much time in public transportation while I could spend time with her. So I don't really want to have to run to the other side of town to go pick her up.

We would like to find a shool with the following specifications:

Area: Songshan (Minsheng E. R. Sec. 3, Fuxing N. Rd, Dunhua N. Rd)
Language: Chinese exclusively (or very little English)
Public prefered but private also ok
Daycare must accept children under 2
A lot of physical activities, arts and crafts and a lot of playing (no structured classes, no homework :eek: )
Loving teachers and staff
Healthy food (I don't think you can actually find this in Taiwanese schools...)
Reasonable tuition

Would appreciate any advise.

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Postby piwackit » 14 Oct 2006, 20:24

Beya, I've ben meaning to tell you I was around Minsheng E. Rd Section 5 last week and saw a small school that accept babies from 0-3 years only. Are you interested in that area? If so I'll go find the number for you, I wrote it down somewhere... :oops:
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Postby Harold » 15 Oct 2006, 09:54

Yes that would be great! Thanks A.
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Postby monoclub » 17 Oct 2006, 10:48

I might be talking about the same school, they just moved from Da'an Park to a large open school near Fuxing and Minquan. The teach to student ratio is about 1:4, both of my kids attended this school, the teachers are Montessori trained.
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