Food & Drink Forum Rules - please read before posting!

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Food & Drink Forum Rules - please read before posting!

Postby Dragonbones » 25 Aug 2011, 22:36

Food & Drink Forum Rules:

This forum area is for friendly, informative discussion. The following rules in particular will be strictly enforced:
The Rules wrote:Treat people with respect. Don't be rude or bigoted. Discuss the message, not the messenger.


1) Please SEARCH :pray: before posting.

2) Please ADD your request to an existing thread if you find a stale one, rather than starting a new one. :pray:

3) If starting a new thread, please post separately :pray: for each search item, not one thread for "olives and sour cream". Two threads, one for each. This makes it much easier for the moderator to merge your thread with an existing one, if any. Also, please make your thread title, if starting a new thread, as specific and clear as possible. "Please help!" is a very bad title. :no-no: "WCIF a good recipe for baklava?" is a good title.

If you still can't find what you're looking for, please do feel free to post, and we'll do our very best to help you find what you need. If you have any trouble using the search function or the forum, please don't hesitate to send a PM (private message) to the Where Can I find...? moderator (right now, that's me, Dragonbones) asking for help. Happy posting!!! :rainbow:
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