PHO: what and where?

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Re: PHO: what and where?

Postby Deuce Dropper » 02 Jun 2012, 12:31

The Booted One wrote:If your looking for authentic, small stands run by actual Vietnamese people would be your best bet. There is one in an alley off of the TongHua night market. If you walk into the market From the JiLong Road side you will come to an alley on your right that has two stinky tofu stands. Turn right, walk about 30 meters and the stand and small shop is on your left. The woman is Vietnamese and has great Pho, Vietnamese sammies etc.

Interesting. I buy Vietnamese fairly often in the same night market but at a different stall. There is another Vietnamese lady at the West end of the night market (between Tonghua and Anhe) who sells Pho, Boon, spring rolls and heroes. She is really good as well.
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