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Breakfast Cereal in Taichung (or even alternative breakfast ideas)

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Re: Breakfast Cereal in Taichung (or even alternative breakfast ideas)

Postby zender » 09 Jun 2012, 17:01

trubadour wrote:or do it Chinese style - rice and vegetables, fish..

Uh, sorry, but that sucks for breakfast. :neutral: xi-fan/gruel has been voted "World's Worst Prison Food" for 47 years running.

And eating a, "1/2 a cup of cereal and milk" is like opening a can of Pringles and having 5 chips. They are meant to be eaten by the sleeve. They just put the "suggested serving size" so low so it seems like you're not eating 1000 calories of fat and salt.

Did I mention how fast and easy it is to make peanut butter toast? :ponder:

Here's a simple video for those who need a little help.
Overpaid Foreign Athlete (duō fù xīn shuǐ guò gāo de wài jí yùn dòng yuán)
Overpaid Foreign Athlete (duō fù xīn shuǐ guò gāo de wài jí yùn dòng yuán)
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