Warabi Mochi

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Warabi Mochi

Postby Water Dragon » 10 Jul 2012, 00:24


This is a traditional Japanese dessert called warabi mochi.
The ingredients are imported (not available in Taiwan). Hence it would be the first such Japanese dessert made available here.
The texture is soft & smooth and simply melts in your mouth with its Japanese soybean powder coating.
As it is freshly made, it has to be pre-ordered [preferably three days in advance].
Comes in a nice zen box which is also perfect for a gift.
There are about 15 pieces of mochi and each box cost NT$399.
To be kept refrigerated and has to be consumed within three days.

Interested parties can call 886-919 342 011 [between 10am and 10pm daily] or email : freyahung0423@gmail.com to place order.
Collection is at Rainbow, 台北市敦化北路222巷20號1樓 [No 20, Level 1, Lane 222, Dunhua N Rd, Taipei City]

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