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Why does beer month suck this year?

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Re: Why does beer month suck this year?

Postby Mucha Man » 24 Jul 2012, 01:15

Tiger Mountaineer wrote:[Also check Carrefour--they have three or four beers from Saranac Brewery of Utica, NY now. Just enjoying a bottle of their IPA as I type... light fruity bitter hops, bit thin on the aftertaste but not baahh.

Their pale ale is better.
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Mucha Man
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Re: Why does beer month suck this year?

Postby Dougster » 24 Jul 2012, 01:19

Whole Lotta Lotta wrote:I always look forward to beer month at 7-11. The past few years they have offered Samuel Adams and those good Hawaiian beers during the summer. This year they are offering something called extra strong bear beer, that French beer that they always offer, and some other beer from Italy. What will it take to bring the Hawaiian beers back? At least they have the Gordon Biersch beers.

Shieeeeet. There just ain't no pleasing some folk.
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Chinese Class Dropout (Zhōngwén kè zhōngchuòshēng)
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Why does beer month suck this year?

Postby headhonchoII » 24 Jul 2012, 08:17

I thought it was a bit poor myself this year. Gordon 'blersch', too many wheat beers, too many strong canned beers but only one Belgian type beer. Could be better.
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Re: Why does beer month suck this year?

Postby Whole Lotta Lotta » 24 Jul 2012, 18:53

Bear beer is not a generic beer BTW ...

I am not saying it was generic. I am saying the boring design on the can made it look generic.
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Whole Lotta Lotta
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