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i use: high-end kitchenware

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i use: high-end kitchenware

Postby Dragonbones » 14 Aug 2012, 12:11

This place was mentioned by AntsyAmy, and after a few visits, I think it deserves its own thread:

AntsyAmy wrote: i use 專業餐飲器皿專門店
No.18-3 Sec.6, Minquan E.Rd., Taipei Taiwan
http://www.nextstop.com/p/jXt-9XWj1OQ/i ... %E5%BA%97/

They carry some high-end, overpriced stuff, but not everything is outrageous; you can get oven-safe ramekins in various sizes for around NT$23-35, for instance, and the top-end pepper mills by Peugeot, while they seem pricey at a little over a $1000 NT for the smaller sizes, are actually around the same price on Amazon, certainly when you include shipping. Same for the awesome copper and stainless Mauviel cookware; it's pricey, but I don't think you'll get it for less at Williams & Sonoma, either.

People have talked about ice cream makers lately, but I didn't see the inexpensive Cuisinart at Costco this week. i use has two models of it, the older one being on sale for around $2900 I think, and the other a couple hundred more, plus they actually have the one with its own compressor in stock (five figures, though).
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