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Taiwanese Women and Foreigners

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Posts may be moved at the moderators' discretion to a more appropriate forum. Posts that are especially silly will probably end up in either the Fun and Games Forum or the Temporary Forum.

Taiwanese Women and Foreigners

Postby <newbie> » 19 Sep 2001, 10:09

I've been here about two months now. Can someone please explain why so many Taiwanese women like foreign men? Do they all want husbands? I can't beleive the amount of attention I'm getting since coming here. I won't go into stories ... but someone must know what I'm talking about.

Women and foreigners

Postby Poagao » 19 Sep 2001, 14:05

Yeah, all you have to do is walk around for a few minutes and you'll see several foreign man/Chinese woman couples. I've often wondered the same thing. It might have something to do with the impression that there's so many more foreign men here than foreign women. Maybe Taiwanese women feel less bound by traditional mores and therefore are more enamoured of a West seen by many as the height of fashion.
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Women and foreigners

Postby NFITaipei » 20 Sep 2001, 06:57

Perhaps its because most Western men in Taiwan come from countries much more advanced with regard to the gaining equal status for women in society. Perhaps we are just (as a rule) nicer to women in general.

I can't believe it could be all purely down to fashion. Could it????

Women and foreigners

Postby Bu Lai En » 20 Sep 2001, 10:10

I don't think you can generalise about this much and there's many different reasons. Also it depends if they're just sleeping with western guys, going out with them or marrying them. I think for SOME Taiwanese women who like western men, SOME of the reasons are:

1) Some women liek to have a bit fo fun beofe they getmarried and this is easy with foreigners who are not generally as conservative as Taiwanese.

2) Taiwanese men can get serious about marriage very quickly sometimes and maybe Tawianese women don't want this.

3) Some Taiwanese women want more independence than they can often get with Taiwanese men.

4) Maybe some Taiwanese women are attracted to 'the exotic' just as some western guys are with the reverse effect.

5) Some more mercenary women are out to improve their English for free or even get a greencard.

As to why so many western men sleep with, go out with and marry Chinese women, I think the most important and simple resaon is that there are a lot more Taiwanese women around than western women and with peple living here a long time, it's just natural.

As for my reasons why taiwanese women prefer western men, I don't mena to put down Taiwanese guys at all, but generally as far as marriage and men and women's roles is concerned Taiwan is a lot more conservative than most western countries, so a woman who wants a relationship of equality and independence is (in general terms) a lot mroe likely to get it with wesern men than Chinese men. This is a society thing not a racial thing.

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Bu Lai En
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Thinking of Staging a Coup (xiǎng yào gǎo zhèng biàn)
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Women and foreigners

Postby jl2000 » 21 Sep 2001, 07:57

Maybe it's because many modern day media/entertainment venues focus on the white/foreign male. The girls in Taiwan are growing up with a similar set of idols as the girls in the West: Brad Pitt, 'N Sync, Tom Cruise, Bill Clinton (just kidding) - is it any wonder that they try to replicate that in their own lives?

Women and foreigners

Postby <Twn> » 21 Sep 2001, 10:00

If that's the case, how come the local guys aren't following their lead? They are so sissy! And look at the local male role models, the actors and the singers alike. All sissies! Sissy sissy sissy!

Women and foreigners

Postby Guest » 22 Sep 2001, 07:02

I work for an English-language newspaper in Taiwan which purports to foster a "harmonious atmosphere" among the Taiwanese and foreign staff, a working environment where "interpersonal skills are highly valued" and which nurtures "trust and respect within our team." The quotes are verbatim and from the company's senior Chinese management.
However, the very same people who coined these expressions take it upon themselves to warn unmarried Taiwanese female workers to "stay away from foreign men" who work at the company. These warnings take place in private and no explanation is given as to why they should heed this "advice" as the management apparently calls it.
As far as I'm aware, no female worker has ever been "advised" to stay away from their male Chinese coworkers.
Is this simply a reflection of the misconduct of male foreigners in Taiwan or blatant racism on behalf of the Chinese management of the company? I wonder if anybody else here has heard of similar behavior at other Taiwanese companies.... :s

Women and foreigners

Postby <crass act> » 22 Sep 2001, 09:48

perhaps it's the big schlongs these westerners purport to having, as opposed to
the local willy wee wees...(myth)

but noooo, taiwanese women would never admit THAT!!

or it could be the 'get me away from mother-in-law' factor...

but really folks, it's the status of having a foreigner wrapped around their bony little fingers, no matter how undesirable, and many truly are...

you could always stop one on the street while she's out strolling with her gorilla
and point blank ask her..'uh, what exactly do you see in this bloke? is it his red, mottled skin, his sexy paunch, or his useful passport?'
<crass act>

Women and foreigners

Postby v » 23 Sep 2001, 11:52

In my experience sleeping with Asian and Caucasian men, generally speaking the size of their shlong can usually be judged by their height. Most Taiwanese guys my age (36) grew up poor, not having the best nutrition. Many of them are around my height- 5'4-5'8- and have small weens. In contrast, the ABC guy I went out with was around 5'10 and stocky- better nutrition I suppose- and had a bigger ween. Actually, I would trade a big one for a smaller one on a kind, considerate, reasonably intelligent guy who wasn't always bothering for sex any day. My experience with Taiwanese men is that they are more controlling than American men, just as traditonal Chinese parents are more controlling than the average American mom and dad.
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Fried Chicken-Parts Vendor (yán sū jī xiǎofàn)
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Women and foreigners

Postby <Hob nob> » 23 Sep 2001, 13:12

But what you're saying makes no sense. Think about African men, who also may not have had the best nutrition growing up, and their nobs are, shall we say, 'adequate'.

The 2 smallest I've ever seen were owned by one taiwanese and one American and the 2 largest, were also proud taiwanese and Americans..!!

Perhaps it's all in the genes/jeans...
<Hob nob>

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