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Language Exchange ads posted in the Learning Chinese forum will be removed

Moderator: ironlady


Postby ironlady » 31 Jan 2005, 23:20

Welcome to the Learning Chinese forum.

This forum is intended to help "FOREIGNERS" (more precisely, non-native speakers of Chinese languages) learn to speak, read, write, and understand CHINESE. It is for discussion about how to learn Chinese, or for questions about Chinese. It is NOT for posting job ads to find students, teachers or language exchange partners, NOR is it a free translation service. If you have any of these needs, please post ads to the "Forumosafieds" section, rather than in Learning Chinese.

Please respect the way this forum is set up:

--Please post primarily in English. If you wish to post in Chinese and CANNOT post in English, you should first consider carefully whether your post will help learners of Chinese. If it will, we will try to help you by translating your Chinese post into English. Of course example sentences or phrases you want to ask about can always be posted in Chinese, but it is understood that these will be accompanied by a reasonable and clear question and/or explanation in English.

--When posting in Chinese, please use traditional characters in Unicode or BIG-5. This is a Taiwan-oriented bulletin board and many users cannot read Simplified Chinese due to their computer configurations.

--Official Forumosa Romanization systems are:
for Mandarin Chinese, Hanyu Pinyin.
for Taiwanese -- Church Romanization if possible. (We realize there is much less standardization in Taiwanese and not everyone who speaks and/or studies has the chance to learn the Romanization system.)

If you do not know these systems, or post in another Romanization system, we reserve the right to edit your posts to display the Romanized information you have posted in one of these systems.

--When posting information in Chinese, please be considerate and post in a manner that is easily understandable by foreigners learning Chinese -- this is the target audience for this forum. This is not an appropriate place to show off how "those foreigners can't read my Chinese." We probably can't. So what? :wink:

Failure to respect these guidelines will lead to the moderator sending your posts to the Temp Forum without notice, and repeated failure may result in nomination for a suspension or banning.

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Moderators, "Learning Chinese"
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