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Beehive: what to do?

Beehive: what to do?

Postby Dial » 09 Jul 2008, 16:13

Some bees have started a hive underneath a plant hanging on the wall outside my rooftop apartment. It started with about two or three and as grown to about 10 of them. The bees are about 2-3 centimeters long (an inch and a half maybe) with yellow markings, and fairly placid and slow moving. When I go and pour water all over the plant they get mildly agitated but no more. Occasionally one will race out and back but thats about it.

My question: Can anyone identify these bees? Should I remove the beehive? Will they become a problem in the future? I'm not much into killing things unless they really cause a problem. The neighbors told me that one of them got stung last year by a similar bee from a hive out the back of their place and it swelled up like a balloon. Still not convinced that I need to do anything about these bees that haven't exhibited the slightest bit of threatening behavior. Am I being stupid?

And if I really do need to get rid of the hive - current dimensions about 10 by 10 centimeters - what's the best way to do so that won't cause the bees to suffer? Slow death by insecticide is pretty uncool in my view.

Some suggestions have been boiling water sprayed on the hive and putting out mosquito coils until the bees leave. (that last one didn't have much success so I gave up after a couple of coils)
High School Triad Member (gāozhōng liúmáng)
High School Triad Member (gāozhōng liúmáng)
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Postby sandman » 09 Jul 2008, 16:17

Bite the bullet. Wait till dark, cut the thing down and catch it in a plastic bag. Carry it far far away, put it down in some area with bushes and trees, open the bag and GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM THERE!
Or else call the fire department. But they'll kill them.
Manjusri (Wénshū)
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Postby Surly » 09 Jul 2008, 16:24

Take your pic.
Chinese Class Dropout (Zhōngwén kè zhōngchuòshēng)
Chinese Class Dropout (Zhōngwén kè zhōngchuòshēng)
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Beehive: what to do?

Postby Icon » 09 Jul 2008, 16:30

Call the fire department ASAP.

There should not be wild bees in Taiwan -too cold in winter- so these are wasps, not friendly, nor nice.
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Guan Yin (Guānyīn)
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Postby TNT » 09 Jul 2008, 16:30

I guess you can distinguish between bee, wasp and hornet
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Postby irishstu » 09 Jul 2008, 16:33

How come the Fire Dept has to deal with wasps? Do they start fires when you're not looking or something?
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Golden Lotus (huángjīn liánhuā)
Golden Lotus (huángjīn liánhuā)
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Postby BigJohn » 09 Jul 2008, 16:36

Mosquito coils are too subtle, they're and not specifically for bees. Why not set up a bbq underneath? Set it up after dark when the bees are all there. Pile it high with charcoal to burn for hours, while you are safe inside. Later, if the bees aren't gone they'll be so stunned you'll easily be able to remove the hive (a la Sandman's suggestion) with probably only one or two stings. But be warned: there is a species of bee here called the Tiger bee and mass stings can be fatal. It's orangey-yellow. Even 10 or so stings can knock you out or make you woozy. So if you don't want to fuck around, douse the nest with petrol and light it up. Keep a hose or bucket handy so as not to light up the tree itself.
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Postby Mr He » 09 Jul 2008, 16:37

I would have the fire dept deal with them.

I used to use a vacuum cleaner in Denmark, you have to do it twice some 2-4 days apart.
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Mr He
Maitreya Buddha (Mílèfó)
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Postby Dragonbones » 09 Jul 2008, 16:50

Prepare a steel container such as a hibachi, with charcoal and paper to create smoke. Tie or tape a knife securely onto a broomstick. Put on very heavy full-length clothing, gloves, and a wide-brim bamboo hat like the street cleaners wear. Cover the hat and your face and neck with cheese cloth, so the wide hat brim keeps the fabric well away from your skin.

Thus armed, go smoke 'em, then cut it down. Bag it, seal it, and dump it in the wild like Sandman said, while wearing the protective garb.
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Guan Yin (Guānyīn)
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Postby Dial » 09 Jul 2008, 16:53

So far the best suggestion is Sandman's: bang the hive into a bag and then remove it to one of the hillsides around the city. It will involve a certain degree of beehive gongfu - me holding a bag under the hive while my girlfriend whacks it ineptly with a stick from as far away as she can. I don't really fancy just clipping the top with the garden shears as that's where all the bees/wasps hang out.

And yes, they probably are wasps, although, I don't really get the comment about Taiwan being too cold in winter for bees. So what about northern Europe, the States, or New Zealand, or, indeed, all those other places that are colder than Taiwan in Winter - and Summer - and have bees.

I'm also curious as to why these wasps/bees are so placid. The wasps I know from NZ are small fast and nasty. There's even a new, particularly virulent type from Africa or South America which is taking over the forests and will attack as soon as you get anywhere near them. My hive are very laid back types.
High School Triad Member (gāozhōng liúmáng)
High School Triad Member (gāozhōng liúmáng)
Posts: 550
Joined: 04 Dec 2004, 19:04
Location: Taipei

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